About Teri Hires

Teri Hires, NBC-HWC, FMCHC

A Lifetime of Experience in Coaching

Teri Hires is not just an executive coach and wellness professional; she is a consummate teacher and coach dedicated to helping people realize their strengths and fulfill their goals.

As a seasoned leader and adept people manager, Teri has cultivated a reputation for her unique approach — honest and direct feedback infused with a curious and exploratory spirit.

Transition is a common theme of her experience, supporting leaders as they promote from one role to another, helping individuals change jobs or careers, or guiding people through desired health challenges.

Regardless, Teri’s background has always involved working with people, either in senior leadership roles or as an executive coach helping individuals navigate career and leadership challenges. This breadth of experience helps her engage with people from all walks of life.